Alumni Connection: Israel Edition!

Phyllis and Alan Brown (ThM, 1981; DMin, 2008)

Shelley and Jeff Watters (STM, 1987) at the Gloria Hotel in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Dr. Stephen Bramer and Greg Hatteberg on the Mount of Olives.

Heather Zimmerman (ThM, 2016)

Gary Urie (MABS, 2011) at the excavations in Shiloh.

John Black and his family (above) in their home at Yad HaSchmona.

John Black and his family (left) after running the Jerusalem marathon. 

John Black (ThM, 2010) (above) serves as the direct of IBEX (Israel Biblical Extension) at The Master’s University and Seminary. 

Jeremy Caudill (ThM, 2007) and his family at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 

Gary Emrick (CBS, 1986) on the Mount of Beatitudes.

Michael Grisanti (ThD, 1993), Dr. Bramer, Greg, and Todd Bolen (PhD, 2013)

Dr. Bramer, Michael Grisanti (ThD, 1993), Charles Savelle (ThM, 2003; PhD, 2013), and Greg at the ongoing excavations at Shiloh.