Alumni Legacy Students 2016

Alumni Spotlight

DTS welcomes nineteen new students whose parent(s) attended Dallas Theological Seminary! We are excited to have them here representing the next generation of their families.

Daniel Park, son of John (ThM, 1990) and Eun Park

Joshua Austring, son of Bryan (ThM, 1994) and Carin Austring

Charissa Dasalla, daughter of Joe (MACM, 1993) and Ely Dasalla (MACE, 2014)

Alexis Kratche, daughter of Kip (ThM, 1992) and Jeri Kratche

Watchman So, son of Patrick (STM, 1985) and Penny So

Diann Addison, daughter of Monty (ThM, 1978) and Esther Mills

Jenna Barbieri, daughter of Jeff (ThM, 2008) and Tamra (MABC, 2008) Barbieri

Hannah McNally, daughter of Gary (CBS, 1995) and Janine McNally

Patrice Van Dillen, daughter of Rich (ThM, 1986) and Sandra Van Dillen

Ruth Stevens, daughter of Ronnie (ThM, 1977) and Jane Stevens

Stephanie Shyu, daughter of Ed (DMin, 2010) and Tiffany Shyu


Ashton Taylor, daughter of Mark and Jessica (ThM, 2012) Taylor


Sophia DeMuth, daughter of Patrick (ThM, 2004) and Mary DeMuth


Hannah Rhyu, daughter of Ike (1999-2010) and Helen Rhyu


Stephen Nesse, son of Scott (ThM, 1981) and Carol Nesse

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Austin Metz, son of Barry (ThM, 1992) and Julia Metz

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Michael Meyerdirk, son of Douglas (MABS, 1987) and Patti Meyerdirk

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Alexander M. Gonzales, son of Alex (STM, 2006; PhD, 2012) and Deanna Gonzales

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Lethean Manuel, son of Rosalind Lee (MACE, 2016)