New Alumni Login Information

We are so glad you are here! We are thrilled to provide alumni with content to help you stay connected with the seminary and other alumni. To protect your information, accessing the Alumni Access Content requires you to sign in. 

What you do NOT need a DTS login for (see Resources):

  • Order transcripts
  • View alumni maps
  • View alumni books
  • Meet with alumni staff
  • Receive Alumni eNews
  • Receive DTS Magazine
  • Update your information
  • Access RightNow Media
  • Connect with Care for Pastors
  • Recommend an alumnus/a for the
    Alumni Distinguished Service Award
  • Connect with alumni representatives
  • MinistrySafe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

What you need a DTS login for (see Alumni Access Content):

  • Alumni Directory
  • Library Databases
  • Alumni Access Courses
  • Canvas (for graduates after 2014)
  • Audit DTS courses or take for credit

The first time you sign in, you will need to create a password. For our visual learners, you can do so by following the steps in the video below. If written instructions are easier, feel free to follow the written instructions below. 

This new username ( is not a working email, nor will it give alumni access to the Microsoft 365 suite. However, it will be your username for logging in. To set up your account, please follow the instructions or watch the video below:  

We have extended hours at our Help Desk (214-887-5230) if you have any problems!


I need help getting my login information. Who can I contact?
If you have any trouble with your DTS Account, please email or call 214-887-5230. Additionally, you can find information here:

I already have a Microsoft Account; do I need to do this?
Yes. This is only a username, so you will not have access to the Microsoft suite. However, it is linked to Microsoft. If you already have a Microsoft Account and are having issues signing in, please use a Private or Incognito window on your browser to create a login. (Usually in the upper right hand corner of your browser) This will forget all association with accounts that are already signed in and let you create your DTS account. 

When is the deadline to retrieve my login?
The alumni site and DTS online courses for free will move to the new system on September 12, 2021. We recommend setting up your account soon, but we will be here to help whenever you need us. 

I need to order a transcript. Will I use this login as well?
DTS has switched to Parchment for transcript requests. To request a transcript, please visit Dallas Theological Seminary Transcript Request | Parchment. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar’s office.