S.W.I.M. Has Changed Its Name!

Wives of students at Dallas Theological Seminary are blessed to have a ministry uniquely for them. Years ago, amazing women such as Jeanne Hendricks, Maxine Toussaint, Mary Waters, our beloved Carolyn Hannah and so many others saw a need and worked to provide a ministry to wives that would equip them for ministry alongside their husbands. Out of this need the ministry of SW.I.M. was born.

While the foundations of this ministry will remain the same, I sense a need to have a name that more clearly communicates the heartbeat of this ministry. As alumni and alumnae of DTS, we wanted to be sure that you were aware of a simple yet significant change: S.W.I.M. (Seminary Wives in Ministry) has changed its name. Going forward this same ministry will now be called Thrive. Our prayer is that this ministry will equip wives to thrive in their marriage, ministry, and maturity both on the Dallas campus as well as other campuses and extension sites in the future.

One of the foundational programs of S.W.I.M. and now Thrive has been the opportunity to be mentored by a faculty wife through the Self-Study program. Would you believe that we currently have a waiting list because we are beyond our capacity to meet the number of mentoring needs? If it’s a passion of your heart to come alongside and encourage other women in their walk with the Lord, would you prayerfully consider getting involved? There are so many amazing wives who would love the opportunity to have someone encourage them as they prepare for ministry. We would love to invite you to be a part of their journey!