Barbara Johnson (MACE, 2005)

Barbara resides in Denton, TX. She earned her PhD in Interdisciplinary Information Science from the University of North Texas and is currently writing books relating to a linguistic classification system that she developed as a result of research performed while earning her PhD.

Alumni in Israel

Stephen Bramer (PhD, 1997), Greg Hatteberg (ThM, 1992; DMin, 2014), Vic Anderson (ThM, 1986), and Michael Grisanti (ThD, 1993) standing on Azekah over the Elah Valley.

Alumni at the Sea of Galilee

Greg Hatteberg (ThM, 1992; DMin, 2014), Charlie Dyer (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1986), Andy Wileman (ThM, 1982), Lucas Rogers (ThM, 2010), Rob Armstrong (MABS, 1986; DEdMin, 2018), Jeff Sherwood (ThM, 1977), and Jerry Wagner (ThM, 2011) enjoy a tour of the Sea of Galilee.