Bible Training Centre for Pastors | Dennis J. Mock

Alumni Spotlight

Dennis Mock joined the DTS community in the early eighties after practicing law for a decade and a half. His transition from legal to biblical studies led him to First Baptist Atlanta to serve as Minister to Adults. Dennis retired from Genesis Bible Church in Dunwoody, GA, after serving as an elder and Teacher Pastor for twenty-three years. Thirty-seven years in ministry combined with an analytical, legal background created a unique opportunity for ministry.

In 1988, Dennis attended a pastors’ conference in Mombasa, Kenya, and discovered that of the nearly one hundred Kenyan and Ugandan pastors present, none had the opportunity for formal Bible college or seminary training. To meet this need, he dedicated himself to creating a curriculum to equip pastors. Two years later, Dennis founded Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP), a curriculum designed to train pastors on the fundamentals of their vocation.

The curriculum revolves around two fundamental questions: “what does a pastor need to know?” and “what does a pastor need to know how to do?” From these questions, a 520-hour, 10-course BTCP curriculum emerged. What began as a single class in Kenya had grown to over 3,000 courses in over eighty countries and thirty languages. Over 180,000 pastors and ministers have graduated from the program.

While Dennis was an older student—turning forty while studying at DTS—God used Dennis’s background and a glimmer of opportunity to create BTCP. His dedication to teaching and preaching the Word of God with reverence, relevance, and accuracy has equipped servant-leaders around the globe to the glory of God.