Whether you are an alumnus of fifty years or a current student, we are here to serve you!
The Career Services team offers many services for DTS students and alumni looking to advance their career:

  • Vocational Discernment Consultation
      • What do you want to do? What are the steps to get there? This initial consultation is open to all students & alumni. The VDC provides you with one-on-one guidance on how to practically discern and follow your calling. 
  • Resume Development
      • A potential employer’s first impression of you is your resume. Do you stand out? Resumes are the first step toward securing an interview. Resume development and editing is available to all students and alumni.
  • Interview Preparation
      • Interviews make or break. Are you prepared to answer the difficult questions? How about the tricky ones? Our team offers interview preparation to all students and alumni, including mock interviews. 
  • Compensation Guidance Request
      • How much should you expect to make in any given position? Compensation can be a difficult but crucial part of your career search. This services is open to all students and alumni. Fill out this form to find out comparative salaries for the positions you choose. 
  • Ministry Opportunity Listing (Job Board)
      • Are you looking for a position? For more information on the MOL and how to get started, visit the Ministry Opportunities Listing page. 

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