Brian Welsh (ThM, 1985)

Aloha! I am Kahu Brian Welsh from historic Haili Congregational Church in Hilo, Hawaii. I will quote from our weekly bulletin about this unique ministry. "The working of God can be first documented in the early history of Haili Congregational Church. First, God used the zeal of Henry Opukahaia, the first Hawaiian convert to Christianity, to …

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Alumni Legacy Students 2016

DTS welcomes nineteen new students whose parent(s) attended Dallas Theological Seminary! We are excited to have them here representing the next generation of their families.

Daniel Starcevich (ThM, 2001)

Daniel is the vice president of membership, operations, and technology at The Pocket Testament League. He shares the incredible impact DTS made in his life through the lives of motivating professors.

Jason Peters (DMin, 2007)

Jason serves as Associate Vice President of Connection for The Voice of the Martyrs. His travels and opportunities allow him to teach truth and love well world-wide. He shares how DTS helped prepare him for this important ministry.

Steve Roese (MABS 95)

In 2006, while serving as Executive Pastor of Irving Bible Church and board member of ALARM INC, I was confronted with the reality of what fifty-five years of war had done to the nation of Sudan. Having just signed a peace deal, Celestin Musekura of ALARM was convinced that the local pastors would be the …

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2015 Distinguished Alumni Service Award | Vickie Kraft

“Vickie spent a lifetime distinguishing herself as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. Prior to receiving her degree from DTS in 1985, as one of the first women graduates of DTS, Vickie had already spent years teaching Bible studies and serving in various ministries. Vickie has always ‘multiplied’ her efforts. This was one of her ‘core’ values in Christian ministry, teaching, mentoring, and discipleship.”

Gary Cramer (ThM 89, DMin 95)

Gary serves as chaplain for the Alabama Crimson Tide, winner of the 2016 NCAA College Football National Championship. He shares what it’s like to be in ministry in this unique setting.

Cleon Rogers (ThM 1980, ThD 1991)

I have learned a key to teaching truth and loving well is the word “and.” It is not possible to teach truth well without loving well and vice versa. It is our responsibility to invest time and effort diligently in knowing God and living His Word. This process produces changes that lead to loving the things that God loves; his church and those who do not know Him.

Matthew Bailey (ThM, 2013)

I learned that being like Jesus means getting your hands dirty outside the classroom. You cannot be a disciple of Jesus and only feed your mind. From Greek and Hebrew professors navigating through textual issues with the hearts of pastors, to counseling and pastoral professors teaching us how to love and care for people with the minds of theologians, I am indebted to the warm hearts and sharp minds of the DTS faculty.