Scot Keen (MA[BS], 12)

Alumni Spotlight

Scot Keen (MA[BS], 12)

I am the Interim Pastor at Skiff Lake Bible Church and serve as Dean of Education at New Tribes Bible Institute (NTBI) in Jackson, Michigan.  In addition to my administrative responsibilities, I teach several Bible and Theology courses.  My favorites include Acts, Romans, Bibliology, and Soteriology.  My wife, April, and I have three kids. We have served at NTBI since 2003, and have counted every day of it a true privilege.  There is no greater reward than investing in the lives of men and women who are hungry to learn God’s Word and eager to take the good news to the ends of the Earth.  Over the years we have made life-long friends with many of the students God allowed us to serve.

My most vivid memory of DTS takes me back to the first time I sat in Chafer Chapel.  As I reflected on the rich history of DTS, and considered what a privilege it was to be able to learn from the professors sitting on the stage, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. New Tribes Mission had graciously granted me a study sabbatical, and I was in disbelief that God had allowed me to be there! 

As a teacher, I have found that the first step in the process of preparing to teach is wrapping my mind around the message of a given book.  My training at DTS has proven invaluable in that regard.  When I took BE102, Dr. Allman required us to create a synthetic chart of Leviticus.  Given my learning style, this proved to be the most helpful tool I was given in my training.  I was able to convert the chart into a course, which I taught at NTBI.  Since then, I have charted several books of the Bible, often working with students who desire more personal investment.  I could not imagine trying to teach a book without charting it first.