Children’s Ministry in Quarantine

Alumni Spotlight

COVID-19 has put a hold on many children’s ministry programs inside and outside of the church this year, but some of you have found creative ways to spiritually engage your children virtually and in the home! Here are a few examples from our alumni parents and children’s ministers:

After finishing as the missionary in residence at DTS, I moved to our family cabin in Lake City, Colorado. The low incidence of COVID-19 made it a suitable place for someone in my age group to shelter-in-place. The first week that I attended an outdoor service of Grace Fellowship Church in Lake City, I realized that COVID-19 has disrupted the Sunday school classes, and there was no program for the young people. I decided to offer myself as a Sunday school teacher, and so for the last month, I have been telling them Bible stories under the porch of my family cabin. 

The two “boats” were used for my telling of the storm story in Mark 4:35-41.

-Larry Dinkins (ThM, 1979)

When we were in the second week of COVID, some of my kids were “caught in transition” and were living with me; I bought a ping pong table. We enjoyed many games outside in the beautiful spring. As an employee, I also was allowed to work from home… see the DTS blanket!! Teach Truth. Love Well!

-Greg Hatteberg (ThM, 1992; DMin, 2014)

My church, Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, asked me to do 5 videos for children in April and May: http://www.afmbc.org/family-ties-foundation-team/ . The Family Ties Initiative gave five Bible study lessons for parents, children, and teens on the same topic and scripture. After watching their separate videos, the family members were encouraged to get together to tell each other what they learned from their individual lessons.

-Margaret Tolliver (MAMC, 2012)

I work at a small church in Birmingham, England. Like most churches, we have had livestream services since March, and I have put together material for families to do in their homes. On Sundays we show a kids video as part of our livestream, and I make a corresponding craft for families to do together. I have also written a weekly family devotional with Bible stories, hymns, and a creative activity. Because I don’t want to assume that families have specialized craft supplies, I have worked hard to create materials that use things people have in their homes. I’ve been grateful for the Bible knowledge that I received at DTS, and I am particularly indebted to Dr. Lawrence’s Faith Foundation class for the work that I am doing now.

-Samantha Shrauner (ThM, 2016)