Chris Miller (PhD, 1994)

Alumni Spotlight

For the past thirty-three years, I’ve had the delightful privilege of teaching Biblical Studies at Cedarville University. When I first embarked on my teaching career, I saw myself as a slightly older brother to my students, guiding them through their academic pursuits. As time went on, and my own children navigated through college, my perspective shifted. I began to view my students as spiritual sons and daughters, nurturing their growth in faith. Now, as I find myself instructing the children of former students, I realize I’ve evolved into what might be affectionately termed the “grandfather professor.” This role has not only deepened my love for them as individual learners but also produced an urgent desire to equip them with biblical wisdom that will sustain them through the various stages of life.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I enjoy collaborating with the preaching team at my local church. Recently, I’ve ventured into the world of publishing. I’ve had the honor of authoring a volume on Matthew and co-editing a New Testament commentary series, opportunities that have allowed me to share my training with a broader audience.

One of the pivotal factors that drew me to DTS was my engagement with Stan Toussaint’s commentary on Matthew, titled “Behold the King.” The profound theological and literary insights within those pages resonated deeply with me. When I was invited forty years later to write a volume on the same gospel, my earnest prayer was to emulate Dr. Toussaint’s inspiration, hoping that my work might ignite a similar passion in a new generation.

Equally impactful was the teaching style of Dr. Pentecost. I was captivated by his daily ritual of entering the classroom without a briefcase or notes, simply placing his Bible on the desk, opening it, and starting his lesson. His intimate knowledge of the Scriptures challenged me to aspire to know my Bible with the same depth and conviction. After an enthralling hour of teaching, he would close his Bible with a simple “Selah,” leaving us with a treasure trove of truths to pause and reflect upon. His approach was not just an education; it was a spiritual experience that continues to shape my understanding and appreciation of the Word.

I will always cherish the dedication and wisdom of the Bible Exposition faculty who invested in me, laying the groundwork for a lifelong career in teaching the entirety of the Bible. Dr. Elliott Johnson’s unwavering belief that the author’s intent could be uncovered through meticulous examination of literary clues and the context of the entire book has equipped me with the essential skills for my vocation and infused my work with joy. My students often tell me they appreciate my passion for the subject, which I consider a high compliment. But what they don’t know is that my DTS faculty made it easy for me to feel this way. I just want to be a faithful steward, passing on the treasures that were so generously given to me at DTS.