DTS Alumni Connection // March

Alumni Updates

(Left) Alan Ginn (ThM, 1977) and Dale Burke (ThM, 1979), who had never met before, enjoyed breakfast together and had a fabulous time sharing stories about their alma mater. Dale also showed up at the Chinese Community Church in Sacramento, California, where Alan preached the next morning.

Gary L. Hauck (ThM, 1978) published three new books: Equipping the Spiritual Leader; They Call me, Reverend Amble: A Biographical Novel; and Growing with Giants of the Christian Faith: Life Lessons from Church History. Gary continues to speak in Midwest churches, schools, and organizations and performs dramatic presentations of figures from church history. 


J. Kevin Butcher (ThM, 1983) is the founder and executive director of Rooted Ministries in Detroit. The ministry comes alongside wounded and discouraged pastors and their families to encourage them. He has written several books including, Free: Rescued from Shame-Based Religion, Released into the Life-giving Love of Jesus, and Choose and Choose Again: The Brave Act of Returning to God’s Love. 

Manny Martinez (MACE, 1988) retired from the PGA and is busy doing evangelism and teaching live Bible podcasts. 

Gordon Raymond (ThM, 1979; DMin, 1997) is now volunteering with International Students, Inc., at the University of Texas campus in Arlington. 

(Right) The Murphys [Jonathan (ThM, 2004; PhD, 2009), David (MABS, 2004), Alicia (MABS, 2005), Paul (ThM, 2007), Sarah (CGS, 2007), and Daniel (ThM, 2017)] stopped by the Alumni office after an Impact Luncheon. A grand time was had by all during this Irish invasion. 

David Edwards (MACE, 2005) is now the University Registrar at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas.

Pamela Ward’s (MACL, 2017) online children’s curriculum for Sunday schools and missionaries abroad was published by Anglican Frontier Missions. She counts her curriculum writing as a labor of love due to God’s grace shown through her DTS education.

Kristin Mercer (MBTS, 2023) is a physical therapist by day and a book writer by night. She is also writing business plans for Mercer House, a faith-based wellness and trauma therapy center. 

Ken Yeo (ThM, 2023) will begin serving as the pastor of the Chinese congregation at the Chinese Evangelical Church of Portland this upcoming July. 


Dr. Guy G. Goodell (1964), Pastor of Greater Glen Falls Bible Baptist Church in Hudson Falls, New York, passed away on December 19, 2023. He ministered in the United States as well as internationally. He enjoyed teaching and served as a local EMT, referee, and umpire. He also enjoyed music, flying airplanes, and time spent with family. The husband of Jean Goodell, Guy and Jean had two children, two grandchildren, and a soon-to-arrive great-grandson. The couple served as a ministry team for fifty-nine years, forty-five of those years spent in Hudson Falls. Guy loved his Lord and Savior and lived that out every day.

Dr. Joseph Yoi Wong (ThM, 1966; ThD, 1971) was called home to his Savior on February 14, 2023. Joseph grew up in San Fransisco, California, and put his faith in Christ during his high school years. After attending Multnomah School of the Bible, he fell in love with his wife, Rose, and they had three children. Joseph served as a teacher at Arizona Bible College and as a professor at Multnomah University until his retirement. He also served as the Academic Dean, Vice President of Educational Development, and Vice President of Information Services. He dedicated time to speaking at churches and camps, interim pastoring, serving on the board of the American Association of Bible Colleges, writing articles, and pursuing his many hobbies. He enjoyed traveling with his wife, putting his spin on recipes, and anything outdoors from hunting to fishing to hiking. Joseph loved his church family, Chinese Baptist Church in Portland. He is survived by his wife, their children, and seven grandchildren.

Art Temmesfeld (ThM, 1974) passed away on December 20, 2023. Art was a member of the ROTC and eventually joined the United States Air Force. He came to know Jesus as his personal Savior in 1965 through Campus Crusade for Christ at UCLA. He and his wife, Barbara, have four children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandsons.

Jerry Bates (ThM, 1986), husband to Irene, went to be with the Lord. He pastored Prairie Creek Baptist Church until his retirement.

Larry E. Clements (DMin, 2007) passed away on February 14, 2024. Larry began working alongside the church for the sake of the gospel in 1965 when he was seventeen years old. He pastored several churches that he loved (Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, and Pauline Missionary Baptist Church). He also served as a member of the Baptist Sunday School Committee and an editor-in-chief for Bogard Press. He loved to teach, and he loved missions and traveling, preaching all over the world. He and his wife, Patricia, have five children, thirteen grandchildren, and one great-grandson whom they love.