Recap: 2021 African American DTS Alumni Gathering

The African American Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) Alumni Reunion grew out of a desire to reconnect with other African American Alumni in a relaxing environment, along with our families and friends for a weekend getaway from the challenges of Christian service and studies.  The vision for this reunion began with pastors Hugh Armstrong Jr., of  

New Haven Baptist Church in Warner Robbins, Georgia, and Donald Reid, of Alethia Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, who thought it would be a great idea to reconnect with fellow alumni they hadn’t seen in several years. Seeking assistance to establish the event they contacted Pastor Willie Burrell, Jr. of Orlando Bible Fellowship Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida, and Pastor Gary Hankins, of Resurrection Fellowship Church of Grand Rapids Michigan and began to set the vision for the reunion. 

Together, they decided the purpose of the reunion would be three-fold, (1) to informally reconnect, relax, refresh, and encourage fellow alumni and current students along with their family and friends that they return to the mission field encouraged and strengthened for their continued spiritual journeys; (2) to show appreciation and support for the biblical education gained through studies at DTS and (3) to honor former African American Alumni who paved the way for other African American students at DTS. The first annual reunion was hosted by Pastor Donald Reid in Macon, Georgia in the summer of 2019. The second was hosted by Pastor Willie Burrell Jr. in Orlando, Florida in August 2021.  Our next reunion is planned for the summer of 2023 in Dallas, Texas.  Sure, hope to see you there!  Remember, Christ said, “I have come that they might have life and might have it more abundantly!”