Hal Habecker (ThM, 1978) | Finishing Well Ministries

Alumni Spotlight

After my wife and I served in three challenging, invigorating, and wonderful ministries, God launched Finishing Well Ministries through us in 2015. To counter the increasing marginalization of older adults in American culture (and in churches), Finishing Well Ministries encourages all older believers to fulfill God’s plan for their senior years. God has a mission for all believers; for older adults, their mission extends beyond retiring simply to wear argyle sweaters and spend days golfing.

At Finishing Well Ministries, we teach the biblical value of extended years. We help pastors across the globe encourage their older congregants—those who have decades of wisdom, vision, and encouragement—to share and “dream for the kingdom” (Acts 2:17). As we age, we must continue living intentionally for God. He gifts us with years, and we should recognize their importance. Robert Browning, an English poet, summarized the value of years by saying,

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life for which the first was made;
Our times are in His hand,
Who saith, “A whole I planned,
Youth shows but half; Trust God, see all; nor be afraid!

My years at DTS shaped much of what I have done and am now doing. The friendships I forged and the classes I absorbed prepared me for how I think and live. Many classroom experiences like Bible Study Methods with “Prof” Hendricks and The Pentateuch with Dr. Campbell are etched on my heart forever.

During my years at DTS, God gave me a heart for ministry. He prepared me, sharpened my skills, and gave me a sense of purpose and destiny. I owe Walt Baker a debt of gratitude: he encouraged me to attend DTS in the summer of 1972 while we served in Haiti. During my studies at DTS, I met my wife, Vicki, and we started our family there.

I praise God continually for His work during my brief and impactful years of study. Beyond DTS, God has sustained me throughout all three ministries and equipped me to flourish at Finishing Well Ministries. God’s leadership has made all the difference.


Editor’s Note: If ministry with Finishing Well Ministries interests you, Hal is looking for new partners to help continue this valuable ministry.