I Found The Truth | Tom Doyle (MABS, 1983)

Alumni Spotlight

Muslims, who comprise one-fifth of the global population, are the largest unreached people group in the world. However, many young Muslims are frustrated with their religion, the lack of opportunities, and the endless wars sparked by terrorism. They live in difficult places like Iran, Syria, Egypt, and the Gaza Strip; they escape by going online. It is because of this Tom Doyle launched I Found the Truth. He is the President of Uncharted Ministries and, after working in the Middle East for over 20 years, he launched this ministry to “reach the unreached and stand with the persecuted.”

I Found the Truth features inspirational videos of former Muslims who gave their lives to Christ. It is a “safe space” for Muslims to meet former Muslims who love Jesus and want to share their stories. Muslims are being drawn to the site, and Christians are meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ who have risked it all to follow Christ! If you have Muslim friends, it is a great site to pass on to them and see what they think. It could start a conversation that leads your Muslim friend to Jesus!

Tom and his wife, JoAnn, love DTS’s vision to “teach truth” and not hold back on anything God says. He knows that people really hear this message if they “love well.” Tom and JoAnn experienced this in the Middle East and the Muslim world. Their goal is not to get into a discussion about the Quran or Mohammad but to meet Muslims, hear their story, empathize with them if they are refugees, and then immediately tell them a story about Jesus—like the woman at the well or Jesus’s calming the sea. The power is in the Word of God and not our “technique or method.” Uncharted Ministries has 70+ national leaders in Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon; they are trained to share Christ passionately and to love people well. It’s the DTS way! Muslims are responding and giving their lives to Christ. In one Middle East city, over 400 have come to faith in Christ, and most of them have already been baptized.

Tom and JoAnn have so many memories of their years at DTS. They were married for three weeks before moving to Dallas to start seminary. Howard Hendricks, Dr. Ryrie, and Charlie Dyer were amazing and gifted teachers, but they also cared deeply about their students. Tom and JoAnn will never forget how those professors marked their lives and invested so much time in them after class! DTS gave Tom a true love for the Word of God, and he saw how DTS leaders lived out their love in their lives daily. It is easy to hear the Word of God, but it is another thing to see the Word of God operating in someone’s life. Tom experienced both at DTS. It set him on a course of ministry as a pastor, missionary, and writer who stays tethered to the Word of God and loves Jesus with all his heart.