During any interview, potential employers try to discern the answers to two questions:

  • Do you have the skills necessary to do the job well?
  • Will you fit into the workplace culture?

With this in mind, there are three steps you can take to ensure that everyone leaves the interview answering ‘yes’ to both questions. 

  1. Research the church/ministry. It is difficult to prove that you are a good fit in the culture if you don’t know what that culture is. For example, showing up to interview in a young, vibrant church wearing a three-piece suit may hinder your cause. However, wearing a suit to a conservative Baptist church is crucial. Understand their culture. 
  2. Be prepared. Have your resume printed on high-quality paper to hand to your interviewers. Answer common interview questions ahead of time so you will be ready when asked. Come prepared to show your competence through stories, not merely by insisting you are competent. For example, if you claim to be a team player, be prepared to share a story of when you worked with a team to accomplish your goal. See the interview questions below for a list of possible questions you may be asked.
  3. Ask questions. Remember that while the church/ministry is attempting to figure out whether you are a good fit, you should also be evaluating them. Asking questions also shows that you are interested and engaged. See the interview questions below for a list of possible questions to ask.