Jim (ThM 75) and Mary Thurber travel the world

Alumni Spotlight

My wife and I vividly remember journeying with our fellow classmates through DTS’s curriculum of the early ‘70s. Since then we have met up with less than a dozen fellow graduates. We wish it would be more.

After graduating from DTS where I received a ThM and Mary got her PHT (Putting Hubby Through), we planted and pastored several churches. Throughout, God enabled us to focus on Jesus’ statement in John 9 that we are here to help people understand God. That has been a joy for Mary and me – introducing people around the world to the greatest Person existing and His marvelous love and grace for all.

In 1988 we continued our education and expanded our ministry with eight of Walk Thru the Bible’s various seminars. Many times, for example, Mary and I have team-taught its “Biblical Portrait of Marriage” seminar, and during that time we began to learn how to love each other truly. In 2001 we engaged an eight-year stint with UnveilinGLORY and took to heart another of God’s passions that all the people groups of the world would love and adore Him.

At that time God was unfolding a global role. We taught and trained all over the world on topics ranging from evangelism and discipleship to Business-as-Mission and missions mobilization. Simply The Story’s Bible storytelling is the latest acquisition. The execution of its process has been so outstanding it makes us wish the training had been coupled with the excellent instruction of our seminary days. The seminary’s discipline infused a skill of “teaching the message of truth accurately.”

If you were a fellow 1975 graduate, we would love to hear from you (K9KQ@ME.COM) and how God has built His love into your life.

Jim and Mary Thurber