Mondrell Oz (MA/CE, 14)

Alumni Spotlight

Mondrell Oz (MA/CE, 14)

I disciple women, write curricula, teach, and lead a small group for the women’s ministry team at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. I also seek other opportunities for ministry. On a recent trip to Asia, I visited local churches, shared the Good News, and donated books to a church library.

Teaching truth and loving well begins with my relationship with God. I teach what I learn from systematically studying Scripture, reading other resources, and reflecting on insights from the Spirit. As I grow in the knowledge of God, I am enabled by the Spirit to love others well. Whether in a discipleship relationship or in a classroom setting, listening and asking questions are important in helping adult learners grow and mature. Ever mindful that I am a fellow-struggler, I remain thankful and humble so that I may identify, connect, and serve the women I teach.

My fondest memories of DTS surround relationships with professors, staff, and students. Chaplain Bill once said at Spiritual Formation training, “People are more important than paper.” I often quote Dr. Joye Baker when I disciple women. “‘No’ is an anointed word.” And, I’ll always remember Dr. Waters’ lectures that informed the mind and pierced the heart.

The greatest benefit from my DTS experience is that it prepared me for effective ministry. I learned several practical lessons: (1) Never water-hose; less is more. Giving too much information at one time hurts people and hinders learning. (2) Practice creativity. (3) Gather feedback by evaluating the ministry for its effectiveness. (4) Prepare for and expect conflict. Address conflict early, directly, and biblically.