Mike Gendron (MA[BS], 1992)

Alumni Spotlight

Since graduating from DTS in 1992 I have been the director and founder of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry, an evangelistic outreach to those who are lost in religion. The ministry conducts short term mission trips and evangelistic seminars in churches throughout the world. We have also been fortunate to have more than one million tracts in circulation throughout the world in five languages. 

The fondest memories of my years at DTS were the wonderful blessings of sitting at the feet of godly professors each day to learn the life-changing truths of God’s Word. As a former Catholic, the truth of God’s Word changed how I viewed God and Scripture. As I soaked in the glorious truths of God’s Word, I realized I had been like a dry sponge in a desert for over 30 years. The catalyst for starting an evangelistic outreach to Roman Catholics was in a class when we were studying Romans 10:1-4 which caused me to see how many people are like the Israelites, who were zealous for God but not according to scripture, seeking to obtain their own righteousness because they did not know God’s righteousness.

I am forever thankful to DTS for preparing me to do the work of an evangelist and for encouraging me in my love and compassion for the lost. The faculty gave me a solid foundation for standing on the inerrant, infallible, inspired Word of God. I am especially thankful for Dr. Ron Blue who encouraged me in his class on Roman Catholicism. It was through his experience in evangelizing Catholics in Latin America that I was made aware of the urgent need to labor in this huge mission field. 

Editor's Note: Mike has written a book Preparing for Eternity which is a discipleship tool for Catholics.This book helps equip and encourage Christians to proclaim the sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work of redemption to Roman Catholics. It features over 100 questions frequently asked by Catholics answered with many Scriptural resources based on the power and confidence of God’s infallible word.