Continuing Education

Alumni Continuing Education

Online Courses

All Online Courses and Syllabi are available free to Alumni for viewing at any time. You must be logged in to watch online courses.

Alumni Audit

Alumni Credit

  • Enroll as a regular student in any of the master’s-level courses offered at DTS for the special Alumni Tuition Rate plus the General and Technology Fees.
  • Course work is required, exams are taken, and grades will be recorded on your transcript.
  • Since these courses are transcripted, other schools may accept them as transfer credit. However, if you want to apply these courses towards another degree at DTS, you must apply for that degree through the Admissions Office and you will need to pay the full tuition rate.
  • Complete the DTS Alumni Nondegree Application to start the process.

Alumni CGS Completion Program

The DTS catalog contains degree plans, course descriptions, and faculty listings. If you are interested in pursing another degree at DTS, you will need to apply through the Admissions Office.

Library Access

Alumni continue to have some access to the DTS library system. Learn more about alumni access.

The Sabbatical

Care for Pastors

Care for Pastors seeks to uphold pastoral families in ministry by providing a safe place for them to turn, an ongoing relationship of encouragement and counsel, and resources that ignite growth in the pastor’s family, church and community.


DTS and Ministry Safe have partnered to offer Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. This proactive education seeks to equip current students and DTS alumni with a clear understanding of sexual abuse, sexual abusers, effective preventative protocols, a compassionate model of care addressing the needs of abuse survivors, and an appropriate response to abuse allegations arising in church and ministry environments.

To gain complementary access to Ministry Safe’s Sexual Abuse Awareness Training as an DTS alumnus/a, please login. DTS alone will use this information for assessment purposes. Ministry Safe will only use your email address to send you the training link.