Alumni & Career Services Staff

Campus Staff | 214-887-5100

AAS @ Colby Community College

Worked in Alumni since: July 2006 (Been on staff since 1984)

I’ve seen some incredible people come through this school as I’ve worked in Admissions, Career Services, and for a short time the Accounting office. Now I’m serving those same incredible people in the Alumni office with my favorite boss, Greg Hatteberg!

Before coming to DTS, I attended Colby Community College in Kansas where I received an associate’s degree in Veterinary technology. My dad was a vet and he passed along his love for animals. My house is ruled by two dogs and a cat; well, actually just the cat since they are superior after all.

As an administrative assistant I help in a behind-the-scenes role, where I prefer to be. But if I can help answer any questions about DTS or help connect you with other alumni, please let me know. As the great thinker, Winnie the Pooh, once said, “Things are always so much more grand and wonderful when your friends are there to share them.” | 214-887-5103

BA (English) @ Morehouse College
ThM (Pastoral Leadership) @ DTS

Worked in Alumni since: December 2018


Growing up in Houston, my grandfather was instrumental in introducing me to and in formulating a passion for ministry. After college, I learned that a “call” to preach is a “call” to preparation, which led me on a quest to Dallas: more specifically, Dallas Theological Seminary. DTS took my hunger for God’s Word, and gave me skills to study and to deliver the Word.


Soon after graduating from DTS, I was called to be the Lead Pastor of Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church of East Dallas (2011). During my tenure, GBBC has experienced renewed passion for the community, an increase in engaging and retaining new ministry partners, and a renewed commitment to providing relevant ministry to all generations. I’ve been fortunate to speak at numerous conferences, revivals, and crusades from South Dallas to West Africa. I’m the proud husband of Nicole, and the father of Stephen Nicolas and Simone Elise. We reside in Duncanville. | 214-887-5101

AA (Agriculture Management/Production) @ Joliet Junior College
BA (Bible/Theology) @ Moody Bible 
ThM (Bible Exposition) @ DTS
DMin @ DTS

Worked in Alumni since: July 2006 (Been on staff since 1984)

Growing up on a farm in Illinois, I had always thought I was going to be planting seeds and then watching God work. Little did I know that the Lord was going to make a slight change of “fields.” Because of their extensive knowledge of the Word and godly character, the Lord used DTS alumni to shape my passion for planting the Word of God in the hearts of others and then watching God do the rest. In 1992, I graduated from DTS with a Masters of Theology in Bible Exposition with the training and passion to keep “planting the seeds.”

In addition to serving in the Alumni office, I teach the course on Physical and Historical Geography of Israel, Walk Thru the Bible seminars, and the Rapid Reading Course (needed to help survive seminary!). I live east of Dallas in Garland.  My late bride, Lisa, and I have four precious kids: Luke (wife- Abby), Sara Beth, Jill (husband- Daniel), and David (wife- Kristin)! | 214-887-5104

BBA @ Baylor University


Worked in Alumni since: January 2007 (Been on staff since 1991)

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at DTS for 25 years (15 with Admissions and now 10 with Alumni). I absolutely LOVE counseling upcoming graduates and alumni as they search for new ministry positions. It’s blessing to see God move our men and women out into places of ministry and service. I especially enjoy encouraging our 2100+ women alumnae in their current ministries. They are fabulous!

For the past 14 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching as an adjunct professor in the Educational Ministries and Leadership department. I appreciate the opportunity to build into the lives of our students!

I am fortunate to have been raised in a wonderful Christian home. I owe so much to my parents for their consistent examples of loving and serving Christ all their lives. Even in their retirement years, they are faithfully serving the Lord. My brother and three sisters are all married and involved in their various churches. Whenever possible, I love spending time with my family and twelve nieces and nephews and five great nieces and nephews! My interests include traveling, writing, reading, crafts, cooking and home improvement projects.

If you asked me what my perfect Saturday would be, I would have to say: being caught up on all my grading so I could either go antiquing with a good friend or stay at home and watch my favorite cooking shows, topped off with a good family-friendly movie. | 214-887-5102

BGS @ University of Kansas
ASP @ Moody Bible Institute
ThM (Pastoral Leadership) @ DTS
DMin @ DTS

Worked in Alumni since: January 2012 (Been on staff since 1997)

Growing up in Kansas my father was a principal and my mother a teacher, so a future serving in education was somewhat inevitable. Being from Kansas, I’m a big KU basketball fan. Go Jayhawks! Since transplanting to Texas, I’ve come to appreciate good Texas BBQ and will grab any excuse to savor some of that delicious Texas fare.

One of my heart’s desires is to see fathers develop to their fullest God-given potential. I have written several books on the topic and have a ministry called Dynamic Dads. Before coming to the Career Services office I worked in the Admissions Office and most recently in the Spiritual Formation office. Along with now serving in the Alumni office, I teach a preaching and a media course. I live east of Dallas in Rockwall with my bride, Pam, and five children: Lauren, Austin, Evan, Haley, and Christian.

career_alumni_picture_day_20231005_r3-8646 | 214-887-5106

BA (El. Ed.) @ Moody Bible Institute
ThM (Media Arts & Worship) @ DTS

Worked in Alumni since: January 2024

I grew up with my family in Michigan. I love them all, and Lake Michigan is hands down the best body of water in the world. My parents and brothers all love Jesus. If I had to pick an adjective to describe our family and home, I’d say cozy. Don’t be fooled though. We’re always up for adventures and play very hard. We’re originally from Texas, and while I’m not sporty, I’m a passionate baseball fan, and the Texas Rangers are my team. 

I’m very passionate about theology and the arts, and I love listening and participating in conversations that merge those two fields. Words are my medium. I love reading and writing stories. I hope to explore the connection between theology and the arts to cultivate a deeper theological standing of the arts and to equip artists with a hermeneutic that colors their art more deeply with the truth, goodness, and beauty that point to the one who is perfectly true, good, and beautiful.

Alumni Representatives

Dale is the former pastor of Seacoast Community Church in Encinitas, CA, and author and founder of Leverage Leadership. He communicates biblical truth with clarity, enthusiasm, relevance, and a touch of humor as he addresses the practical issues of life and leadership.

With more than thirty-five years of pastoral experience, he offers coaching, consulting, and leadership development to organizations here and overseas. He serves as an adjunct professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at Dallas Theological Seminary and has authored four books, including How to Lead and Still Have a Life. Dale is married to Becky.

After preaching and teaching for almost forty years in Canada, Texas, Alabama, and Arizona, Ron wondered why most people failed to apply what he taught each week. It was then he discovered that the people of his congregation had more passion for truth if they discovered it themselves. Ron is author and creator of The Jesus Passages Journal. He has also taught and been department chair of Christian education at Appalachian Bible College. Ron received his ThM in 1975. He looks forward to meeting and encouraging DTS alumni in their work for the Lord. Ron is married to Susie.

Colin is the founder of Grace for Life Ministries in Edmonton, Alberta, and pastored at various churches for over thirty-five years. His insight into why and how people struggle in their life, faith, and relationships makes him a trusted mentor and effective counselor. He presents truth in a down-to-earth way that allows people to understand it and want to apply it. Colin received his MABS, MACE, and DMin from DTS and went on to plant three churches and serve in roles such as pastor of young adults, worship, and community life. He and his wife, Colleen, are passionate about helping people discover and live by God’s grace.

Bruce was associated with Cru for many years before coming to seminary. After seminary, Bruce was the founding pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa, OK, where he pastored for thirty-two years. He was the first alumni rep in this initiative and has served as the Special Assistant to the President for Alumni Relations at Dallas Theological Seminary since 2012. Bruce received his ThM in 1975 and DMin in 1995. He is married to Linda. They live in Oklahoma but often travel in their mobile home.

Jeff and Cheryl moved from Louisiana to Dallas to attend DTS, where Jeff received his ThM in 1979. He later received his DMIN from Denver Seminary in 1982.  They have six children and twenty-four grandchildren. They have planted three churches—in Breckenridge, TX; Orlando, FL; and Longwood, FL. After serving in Florida, the Gilmores moved to Iowa City, IA.  Jeff served as the senior pastor of Parkview EFCA for thirty years and then as pastor emeritus. 

With numerous children and grandchildren in Texas, Jeff and Cheryl transitioned back to Dallas. Jeff is currently working part-time at Midlothian Bible Church, overseeing discipleship and leadership development.

Dr. Lawrence Scott is the planting and Lead Pastor of Harvest Point Fellowship Church. He is married to the love of his life, the beautiful and gifted Shannon Scott. They have six children: Kaelyn, Leah, Eden, Lawrence III, Zachary, and Reagan. Lawrence earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Houston, a Master of Theology (ThM) degree, and a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership from DTS.