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Life as a DTS student isn’t always about crunching Hebrew and Greek into bite-sized chunks or sweating your next theology exam. Sometimes “student life” translates into “student laughs!” Some of the funniest pranks were pulled by those you might least suspect—and occasionally, the prankster sits on the teaching side of the desk!

A case in point: Dr. Dan Wallace fessed up in the Dallas Theological Seminary Student Journal, Spring 2013, Issue 1:

I told my students that they could call my home number up until 10 p.m. any night, but that they could call my office-in-home line up until 3 a.m. What I gave was another prof’s home number. A few weeks later, he saw me on campus and was madder than a wet hen. He told me that a student had called him at 2:30 that morning, wanting to ask a question about the Septuagint! He was in the CE department.

Or this from an anonymous student back in the day of the late, great, and sometimes gullible Dr. Merrill Unger:

In a Hebrew class, Unger would not look up when he called on students to translate the Hebrew. He would just look at his text. One day, when he called on this student, the guy just read out of the King James Bible! Unger said, “Good translation. A little archaic, but good.”

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