Taylor Counseling Group | Dr. Christopher S. Taylor (MABC, 2011)

I am currently blessed to have the opportunity to run Taylor Counseling Group and counseling firm (TCG). I founded TCG in 2015 with a belief in helping those in need. Throughout the years, TCG has grown to include over thirty counselors and interns in four locations throughout the DFW metroplex.

TGC focuses on helping to teach love and truth to all. We are committed to working with our clients through the most difficult times in their lives and we invest deeply in our communities. Taylor Counseling Group was just honored with the Prism Award for outstanding community support by the America Mental Health agency. In addition to offering counseling for mental health, we also have several counselors on staff that offer biblical counseling. We love what we do and are blessed to be able to help those in the communities of Dallas/Fort Worth.

One of my favorite memories at DTS was meeting my fellow counseling students during my first year. Learning from them and our professors was priceless. We would get together for coffee after some of our classes and discuss how we wanted to help others and what kind of therapy we wanted to practice. It is funny to think of the world then— how young I was and how different things were. I am grateful for that time and for the lessons I learned.

DTS prepared me with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to see the problems facing our community and the compassion necessary to help those in need. My education and experience at DTS has been instrumental in the development of Taylor Counseling Group and our ability to focus deeply on our community and those in need.

Editor’s note: To learn more, visit www.taylorcounselinggroup.com