That’s How I Want to Teach!

Alumni Spotlight

Don Regier (ThM, 69)

A missionary, Don Scheidler, sparked my interest in teaching with media when I was six years old. He told a story with slides. That spark burst into flame twenty years later as I sat in Mosher Library laboring over my thesis. “Wouldn’t it be fantastic,” I fantasized, “to teach with media tools like the ones in this picture!” I stared at the book for several hours. The picture showed a slide projector, a filmstrip projector, and a movie projector in a classroom, controlled by push buttons on a teaching lectern. “Wow! That’s how I want to teach!”

I have enjoyed my dream job at DTS for 45 years since graduation. For most of those years I served as Audiovisual Director. Our joy was to support the faculty with teaching materials and equipment. Currently I work part-time as Associate Professor of Christian Education Emeritus and Director of Special Projects in Creative Services. I continue to teach Media Presentations, cross-credited in two departments, Educational Ministries and Leadership and Media Arts and Worship.

The son of a pastor/Bible institute instructor, I found it frustrating to try to follow in Dad’s footsteps. I finally found my stride illustrating the truths of Scripture like Don Scheidler did, with graphics and pictures—pictures that tell stories of God’s grace; images that tap into the power of media presentations. I love it when my students discover the delight of storytelling with pictures.

My bride Jan and I (married 50 years ago on July 25) cherish the memory of our four years in the Gaylord Apartments while I sat under the teaching of godly giants at DTS. After getting over the disappointment of learning that I would never be like them, I learned an important lesson, a lesson that I try to pass on to today’s students: God made you. He made you unlike anybody else. He gave you gifts to use for the benefit of His Church.

Having said this, I hope that media presentations never replace expository preaching.

You can follow Don’s blog at www.prodigalpig.com