Trailerville Memory Submissions

Trailerville—it started as a single shining light on the Dallas Campus near the end of World War II, on what is now the campus green. Eventually that solitary porch light expanded to include a constellation of 33 house trailers, which provided homes for families who couldn’t fit into the limited student housing, a consequence of veterans returning from the war.

Here’s a memory from Trailerville resident Ruth Richert Jones (Russell G. Jones, ThM 1954):

We chose a mayor, whose responsibility was to keep the restrooms stocked with toilet tissue and to see that the central oil barrel was full. One mayor actually counted the sheets of several kinds of toilet paper to make sure their count was correct. He purchased the paper with the most sheets for the money.

Scotts offered the most.

If you or your folks lived in Trailerville during its bright and shining days, then you may have photos tucked away in family albums and stories to go with them. Would you be willing to share some with us? We are hoping to include some of your memories in a display on Trailerville.

If you have something, here are the guidelines for submission:

  • Please do not send any physical materials
    • No photos or anything else that might get lost, torn, or broken
    • No albums, diaries, letters, or postcards. Just the stories in a Microsoft Word document, Pages, or other electronic format.
    • Send only digital photographs or stories of your special memories
  • Please send in the highest resolution you can
  • Fell free to send in black and white or color

Please send all your pictures and stories to our archivist, Lolana Thompson (lthompson@dts.edu). By sending us these photos and stories, you are agreeing to allow DTS, at its sole discretion, to edit and use those items for display as we deem appropriate. Since we have such limited space, we have to be selective in what we choose to display, so your submission may not be chosen; however, we will be rotating display items, so your submission(s) may make it in eventually!

Thanks for considering our request. We look forward to hearing from you — and seeing Trailerville shine once more!