Unprecedented Opportunities | John Tomada (ThM, 2012; MABC, 2012)

Alumni Spotlight

“Unprecedented” has become a common word in the COVID-19 era. Global culture has been forced to adapt to the new necessities of safety and wellness. Churches have been forced to change how they conduct worship; meeting in homes has gained popularity, and livestreams are now a regular part of a Sunday service.

While changes often create turmoil and anxiety, they also provide unprecedented opportunities to minister. Before the onset of COVID-19, Captain John Tomada (ThM, 2012; MABC, 2021) served as the chaplain for the Guam Army National Guard. However, as the vaccine rollout began, Cpt. Tomada was asked to serve as the chaplain for Joint Task Force 671 in Guam. The task force was created to aid with the distribution of vaccinations to the population in Guam.

The task force assists with providing water and food to visitors, carrying luggage, and administering vaccinations. While they carry out much of the physical service, Cpt. Tomada stands behind and beside them—praying and encouraging both his team and the Guamanians who visit the vaccination clinics. His impact has grown immensely as he now serves thousands as they walk through the clinic doors.

COVID-19 has been an immensely difficult time for the global community. However, DTS alumni across the world have seized the opportunity to share the comfort and love of Christ by seizing the opportunities presented by this unprecedented time.


Editor’s Note: Watch more about Captain John Tomada in the Join Task Force 671 Chaplaincy video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIbKR5q7ag8.