Vladimir Pikman (ThM, 2006)

Alumni Spotlight

In 2021, Dallas Theological Seminary launched a new program in Jewish Studies. For years, there had been a discussion about launching a program to fit the niche of Jewish apologetics, history, and theology—both true to the legacy of Dallas Theological Seminary and capable of serving students in the modern era. In 2015, Vladimir Pikman (ThM, 2006) became a missionary in residence at Dallas Theological Seminary, and formal plans took shape. After years of planning, discussing, forming partnerships, and designing curriculum, the Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (MAJS) degree and the ThM with an emphasis in Jewish Studies developed.

Born in Kiev (Ukraine), Pikman encountered the Jewish Messiah through personal study of the Old Testament and several situations in Ukraine and Israel at the age of twenty-two. After he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2006, he and his family returned to Berlin, where he continued in his role as founding Executive Director of Beit Sar Shalom (the largest Messianic Jewish ministry in Europe) and as rabbi of the messianic congregation in Berlin. He was the founding President of the German Messianic Jewish Alliance and is the Vice-President of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance. Pikman now serves as Adjunct Professor and Director for Jewish Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Jewish Studies program meets a unique need in the Christian community, preparing students for ministry with Jewish people and training leaders to educate the church about the importance of understanding the Jewish roots of Scripture and the church. Current student Lauren Ware says, “What drew me to the program is my love for the Old Testament and a desire to understand it from a much more in-depth, Jewish perspective. Of course, this, in turn, helps me study the New Testament in a much more profound light.”

As needs to combat antisemitism, realign the Jewish perspective of Messiah Jesus, and correct replacement theologies rise, so, too, does the importance of understanding God’s work in and through his people Israel.

Aaron Lewin, the director of Jews for Jesus Germany, says: “The MAJS at DTS is the perfect degree to give me further theological training that will be acutely relevant to my work. I was drawn to DTS because it is a world-renowned, quality institution that has great professors and excellent courses. I love the balance in the MAJS between Bible study, systematic theology, advanced Hebrew, and the large variety of Jewish studies modules that cater to the diversity of the Jewish people that we are trying to reach through our work. Through my DTS studies, I am being equipped to better reach Jewish people in Germany and all over the world with the gospel. I am very grateful for the privilege of being able to study at DTS!”

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