How do you know when to refer someone to a professional counselor?

Alumni Spotlight

You should refer somene to a professional counselor (such as those on our Find a Counselor map)

  • The nature of the presenting problem exceeds my particular training/expertise
  • The level of difficulty and the time/emotional capacity required for the person’s struggles exceeds my availability
  • My personal relationship with the person hinders my objectivity 
  • The struggle presented touches personal issues where I have personally struggled and have not experienced substantial freedom
  • There is a level of resistance or a clash of personalities that hinders effective intervention/help 
  • Physical or medical and emotional issues are intertwined (i.e., anxiety/depression, etc.) therefore requiring a “team approach”

Provided by Bruce Edstrom and Ken Quinn from the Center for Biblical Counseling in Dallas (CBC). Bruce is the former assistant director of Counseling Services at DTS and is the director of CBC. Ken (MACE 92) is the associate director of CBC. Find more information at www.cbc-dallas.com. They can be reached at (214) 987-1776.