Post-Doctoral Studies

Dear DMin and DEdMin Alumni,

We are excited to invite you to participate in post-doctoral studies at a significantly reduced cost as a Dallas Theological Seminary alumni.

Choose one of the following courses.

Week One-Residency: July 1–5, 2024

  • DM7101 The Ministry Leader (3)-Dr. Dale Burke
  • DE7310 Instructional and Learning Theories (3)-Dr. Jennifer Brooks

Week Two-Residency: July 8–12, 2024

  • DE360-4 Instructional Practices in Children’s Ministry (3)-Drs. Jerry Lawrence, Stacey Davis
  • DE7540-3 Mentoring Process Seminar (3)-Dr. Jeanne Ballard
  • DM7445 Self-Publishing for Ministry (3)-Dr. Sandra Glahn
  • DM7521-1 Church Health, Leadership, and Multiplication (3)-Drs. Bob Rowley, Bill Stewart
  • DM7557-3 Rural and Small-Town Pastors Cohort (3)-Drs. Ron Klassen, Jeff VanGoethem

Week Three-Residency: July 15–19, 2024

  • DM7527-1 Organizational Leadership Cohort (Foundations) (3)-Dr. Aaron Coe
  • DM7815 Understanding Women in Contemporary Cultures (3)-Drs. Sue Edwards, Joye Baker

Week Four-Online Residency: July 22–26, 2024

  • DE7101 The Educational Ministry Leader (3)-Drs. Michael Anthony, Michelle Anthony
  • DM7740 Trends in Contemporary Theological Movements (3)-Dr. Glenn Kreider

To register please complete the Dallas Theological Seminary Alumni Nondegree Application on the alumni website: https://alumni.dts.edu/resources/continuing-education/

Fees for doctoral degree courses:

  • audit $55 per credit hour, no fees
  • credit $350 per credit hour, plus fees

Once submitted, the Registrar’s office will process your request. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at DMin@dts.edu.

Warmest regards,

Scott Barfoot, Scott Harris, Jennifer Brooks, and Nancy Frazier