Alumni Reps

Alumni Representatives

West Coast

Dale Burke

Dale is the former pastor of Seacoast Community in Encinitas, CA, and author and founder of Leverage Leadership. He communicates Biblical truth with clarity, enthusiasm, relevance, and a touch of humor as he addresses the practical issues of life and leadership.

With 35 plus years of pastoral experience, he offers coaching, consulting, and leadership development to organizations here and overseas. He serves as an adjunct professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at Dallas Theological Seminary and authored four books including How to Lead and Still Have a Life. Dale is married to Becky.


Bruce was associated with Cru for many years before coming to seminary. After seminary, Bruce was the founding pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa, OK, where he pastored for 32 years. He was the first Alumni Rep in this initiative and has served as the Special Assistant to the President for Alumni Relations at Dallas Theological Seminary since 2012. Bruce received his ThM in 1975 and DMin in 1995. He is married to Linda and they primarily live in Oklahoma, but he has a mobile home in which they travel around.


East Coast

After preaching and teaching for almost 40 years in Canada, Texas, Alabama and Arizona, Ron wondered why most people failed to apply what he had taught each week. It was then he discovered that the people of his congregation had more passion for truth if they discovered it themselves. Ron is author and creator of The Jesus Passages Journal. He has also taught and been Department Chair of Christian Education at Appalachian Bible College. Ron received his ThM in 1975. He looks forward to meeting and encouraging DTS alumni in their work for the Lord. Ron is married to Susie.


Bob is uniquely fitted for his role as alumni rep with over thirty years of pastoral ministry and service as Vice President and Dean of Students at DTS. He is married to Del, daughter of Wycliffe Bible Translators founder Dr. W. Cameron Townsend. Bob and Del enjoy a warm family life with their seven children and twelve grandchildren. He has ministered in Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, and the Philippines. “Papa G,” as he is affectionately known, has east-coast Italian roots and makes an amazing pizza.


With over twenty-five years of pastoral experience in Washington, North Carolina, and Texas, Stan Newton now serves as the Director of Community Relations and Formation Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary in Houston. His passions include discipling men who plan to enter the pastorate and teaching the Word of God.

Stan’s experiences include chairing a small church planting network, working as a chaplain for local first responders, and serving a combined total of twenty-six years as an active duty and reservist member of the United States Navy. Stan received his ThM in 1996 and is now pursuing a PhD at DTS. He loves connecting with and encouraging DTS alumni in their work for the Lord. Stan is married to Carla and together they have three adult children.

North; Canada

Colin is the founder of Grace For Life Ministries in Edmonton, Alberta, and been pastoring at various churches for over thirty-five years. His insight to why and how people struggle in their life, faith, and relationships makes him a trusted mentor and effective counsellor. He presents truth in a down-to-earth way that allows people to understand it and want to apply it.

Colin received his MABS, MACE, and DMin from DTS and went on to plant three churches and serve in roles such as pastor of young adults, worship, and community life. He and his wife, Colleen, are passionate about helping people discover and live by God’s grace.