Recent Alumni Visits

See who’s been stopping by the alumni office or reuniting around the world!

Barbara Johnson (MACE, 2005)

Barbara resides in Denton, TX. She earned her PhD in Interdisciplinary Information Science from the University of North Texas and is currently writing books relating to a linguistic classification system that she developed as a result of research performed while earning her PhD.

Alumni in Israel

Stephen Bramer (PhD, 1997), Greg Hatteberg (ThM, 1992; DMin, 2014), Vic Anderson (ThM, 1986), and Michael Grisanti (ThD, 1993) standing on Azekah over the Elah Valley.

Alumni at the Sea of Galilee

Greg Hatteberg (ThM, 1992; DMin, 2014), Charlie Dyer (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1986), Andy Wileman (ThM, 1982), Lucas Rogers (ThM, 2010), Rob Armstrong (MABS, 1986; DEdMin, 2018), Jeff Sherwood (ThM, 1977), and Jerry Wagner (ThM, 2011) enjoy a tour of the Sea of Galilee.

Brazil Preaching Cohort

Don Sunukjian (ThM, 1966; ThD, 1972), Richard Oliveira (DMin, 2016), and Kevin Bradford (MACM, 1989; ThM, 1988) lead a preaching cohort in Brazil in January 2019.